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Handling Life's Hurdles

As a child, you probably dreamt about your future life as an adult. However, as challenges arrive, it isn't always easy to take things in stride. It can be easy to become down trodden and depressed, especially when you go through major life changes. Fortunately, you aren't alone. By reading about other people's experiences and listening to advice, you can learn the tools that you need to tackle any challenge. I decided to create this website to help other people to endure some of the trials that I have experienced. Remember, you might be going through a hard time, but there is always a friend out there willing to listen to your story.

3 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Daughter

As a mom, one of your most cherished relationships is the one you have with your daughter. Throughout the years, how do you stay connected to her? After all, teen and tween girls can tend to put friends or boys over their relationships with their parents. Start these habits when your daughter is young and continue them throughout her teenage years. You'll have a solid foundation to work with when your daughter grows up. 

Have Date Nights 

You may have heard of Daddy Date Nights, where girls experience their first "date" with their father and learn what to expect from a date. But you should also be spending one-on-one time with your daughter. Make a habit to go on a Mommy Date at least once a month, and alternate planning the dates. Use this time to learn about your daughter's interests, and show her what you're interested in. Or, learn something new together like pottery, yoga, or ethnic cooking.

Create a Mommy & Me Journal

Date nights are great, but how can you connect with your daughter on a more frequent level? Start a Mommy & Me journal where you write down questions for each other and answer them. Or, simply use it as a place to have full written conversations. They can be silly, inquisitive, serious, laid-back, or smart. Especially if you have a lot of kids, this kind of special attention will help your daughter feel close to you, even when life gets busy.

You can also make a game of passing the journal back and forth by hiding it in funny spots and leading her on a treasure hunt with silly clues. As your daughter gets older, she may feel safe enough to use the journal to ask questions she may be embarrassed to ask in person. 

Tuck Her In 

Another good habit to get into is tucking your daughter into bed. Yes, you do this without thought because she's still young. But maintain the habit even as she grows. You don't have to keep physically tucking her in, but use the time to de-stress, read part of a book together, reconnect, and talk about your day. Your daughter will appreciate the time you take to listen to her between your son's late-night homework assignments, that last batch of laundry, and her sister's bath time.

These are just a few ideas to help you connect with your daughter on a more personal level. No matter what you do, she will always think of you as the best mom in America. Visit a site like for more information.