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Handling Life's Hurdles

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Wedding Dress Colors—You Don't Have To Go with White!

Weddings are wonderful and joyful events, but can be stressful for most who are planning them. Wedding traditions are always interesting, but times are changing. Traditionally wedding dresses are to be white or slightly off white, symbolizing the purity of the bride and her new beginning in the life of her husband. However, you don't have to go with the traditional white if that's not your style. This article will go through a few more colors that you may not have thought of for your wedding dress.

Green wedding dresses for new life

Green has long been the color of new life and growth. In Islam, green is the traditional color and is incorporated into all parts of Muslim life, including weddings. The bride will often wear a green dress to show her devotion to Islam and to her new husband. Green can also be a very soothing color, which may help to calm your nerves on the big day. Green doesn't get a lot of publicity for weddings, as it isn't as common as other colors, but it can be a refreshing change.

Red wedding dresses for passion

Red has always been the color of passion. Marriages are filled with passion for life and love and new experiences. These are all qualities that you may want to emblazon on your special day. Red also stands out from everything else, from a church to a forest. No matter the venue that you choose for your wedding, you will be sure to sand out with a scarlet dress. 

Blue wedding dresses for old traditions

Have you every heard the old wedding proverb "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"? This proverb was meant to ensure that the bride and groom have good luck all through their marriage. By wearing something blue, you are able to at least partly fulfill this proverb and might bring a little more luck into your life. Blue is also a color that is suitable for any area, due to its many different tones and shades. It can complement any venue and any decor setting, and as such is very versatile.

There you have it, a quick view of three different colors that can change your wedding and make you stand out even more than you already will on your wedding day. Whatever you choose, you will surely make a statement. To find a dress that's perfect for you, consider researching a store like Bridal Elegance.