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Handling Life's Hurdles

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Unplanned Pregnancy? Adoption May Be The Right Choice For You

If you are pregnant at a time in your life when you do not want or need a child, adoption may be a good choice for you. Before you do this, however, you need to make sure this is what you want to do. Below is some information to help you make this decision, as well as keeping you and the baby in good health throughout your pregnancy.

The Decision

Making the decision to put your baby up for adoption is very difficult. You may feel like a bad person for doing this, or you may be worried about what people will think of you. You should put all of this aside, however, as the thing you should focus on is what is best for the child.

Pregnancy counseling can help you with this decision. They can help you get through this difficult time by explaining how the adoption process works. Understanding all of this can help you feel better about your decision. Many counselors help pregnant mothers learn how to care for themselves during this time. This is is very helpful, especially if you are going through your first pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care

The first thing you need to do is to see your doctor to get a pregnancy test to make sure you are pregnant. He or she can perform a blood test, which will give them the answer very quickly.

The doctor will do a thorough exam on you to make sure you are healthy enough to have a child. One of the first things they may do is to check your heart to make sure it is healthy enough to withstand labor. The doctor may check your sugar levels in the beginning, as diabetes can affect a pregnancy. The doctor will also keep a check on your sugar throughout your pregnancy, as you may develop gestational diabetes. The reason this happens is unknown, but many doctors think it has to do with hormones that helps the baby develop blocks to the insulin in the mother's body.

Besides eating healthy, exercising, not smoking, etc., you must see your dentist. Due to changes in hormone levels, you are more susceptible to getting gum disease. This is because estrogen and progesterone levels can cause bacteria to build up on your teeth.

Putting your baby up for adoption is a loving decision on your part, so you should not feel bad about yourself. Think of the life you are giving your baby and the parents that are adopting him or her. For more information about the adoption process, contact Hope's Promise.